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Mineral Makeup
With Attitude!!!

What do you know about mineral makeup? That it’s all natural, contains natural SPF and provides better coverage than liquid foundation ever could. What else could there possibly be, it’s only makeup, right? It’s just a new gimmick created by big cosmetic companies to get you to spend more money on another product that will do absolutely nothing for you? WRONG, you couldn’t be more worng!!!

Mineral makeup is not a gimmick or fad, it’s what cosmetics should have been all along. They’re versatile, there heathier, they’re long lasting and give you the look you have always wanted. Tyler Simone Mineral Cosmetics has all the answers you have been looking for. We have all the information you want on mineral makeup ingredients, how they effect your skin, how to apply it and much more. We want you to know everything there is to know so you feel comfortable and confident when making that purchase. We want you to know that you can achieve the complexion you are yearning for just by making the switch from traditional to mineral.

Fresh Earth Mineral Powder Yeah, there are many business out there that are offering you mineral makeup. Everywhere you turn online a new place is popping up, but are they providing you with the answers to your questions? Are they explaining to you exactly what is in their products, upfront, or is it in the fine lines at the bottom of the page? Now you’re finding mineral makeup on the shelves at your local drug stores and department stores. Are you reading the labels? You better be, because 99.9% of the mineral cosmetics in stores now, is not pure mineral makeup. This is giving women the wrong impression of mineral cosmetics, when you use a product that’s not pure, you do not get the correct end result. You get what you’ve always had, cake face and skin problems. All most all of the mineral makeup at your local drug stores have very small amounts of zinc, titanium and mica thrown in so they can legally call them mineral makeup (most of the labels have them listed under inactive ingredients)? Real mineral makeup doesn't need preservatives or chemicals because they don’t collect bacteria’s or mold. They don't need chemicals to improve their texture because; they are perfect all by themselves. The big cosmetics companies choose to continue the use of unnecessary fillers and chemicals, because they are less expensive to use than straight up minerals. Unfortunate but true, there in the business to make lots and lots of money, the health of your skin is not there top priority.

Twilight's GazeThroughout this site you will finds tips on mineral makeup application (eg how to apply eyeshadow or how to apply makeup in general lol), ingredients, how mineral makeup and traditional makeup affects your skin, free makeup samples,skincare, etc…. Here is an example of some of the infor we will share with you. Many women ask if mineral makeup is organic. No it is not organic, mineral makeup is all natural not all organic makeup is. The definition of organic is "of, produced by, or found in plants or animals, not using, or grown without, artificial fertilizers or pesticides". Minerals are not grown, they are not derived from plants or animals Therefore they are not organic, however they are ALL NATURAL. This kind of misleading information has woman try mineral makeup and never go back to it, because they believe they have tried it and it didn’t do what they were lead to believe it would do. Tyler Simone Mineral Cosmetics wants to educate you, the consumer, so you too can spot the difference and know exactly what you’re buying and how it will work for you.

Cherry Blossom Tyler Simone Mineral Cosmetics does offer 100%Pure and Natural Mineral Cosmetics you can get it at natural makeup store naples florida. But we do recommend that you read through the information we have provided for you so that you are making an informed decision about the products you’re purchasing, so that you can finally use the products in your makeup drawer instead of watching them collect dust and we want to help those that don't know how to apply makeup, learn to apply it. It is importent that you know mineral makeup and natural skincare products are wonderful alternatives to traditional cosmetics. They DO work and they ARE better for you. Pretty doesn't mean safe, luckily ours are both!

Our website is intended to provide you with information on natural mineral makeup, recipes for organic skincare you can make at home, makeup tips (like how to apply eyeshadow or concealing tips), Dead Sea skincare, as well as providing you with high end beautiful products. We give you free makeup samples with every order.We want you to be happy, healthy and confident in you beauty choices. And most importantly we want you educated on the dangers of some cosmetic ingredients. We are constantly updating information and adding new pages and products, more about eldad lieberman ,so come back often for the latest and greatest information. Thanks for coming by and we look forward to hearing from you.

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